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Why Us...

(1) We offer only the BEST!!

(2) Personal assistance throughout all the stages of your Cane Corso life from best dietary and activity guidance advice.

(3) From us you'll receive a gentle, caring and loving dog not just to other household pets but more importantly children.


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Carolina's Elite Cane Corso

Who we are
We are a small kennel located in Columbia, South Carolina.  We do not see our dogs as just pets but our dogs are seen to us as our extended families. We are considered as "Hobby Breeders" we breed for quality not quanity! Our dogs are given respect and the family that our dogs are placed with should provide a nurturing environment. About nine years ago, my wife and I fell in love with the Cane Corso breed and decided to study and learn as much information pertaining to this loving, loyal, gentle and very well-behaved breed of dog.  After our research we decided the time was right for us to establish our very own kennel here in Columbia, South Carolina.     

Carolina's Elite Cane Corso plans one to two very thought out and organized breedings a year in which we put our females through a rigorous exercise routine and food regimen to prepare them for birth and the arrival of their new litters. To us nothing is more vital to the longevity of this breed than the future puppies we produce. As many breeders will tell you, there is little profit in breeding . At Carolina's Elite Cane Corso believe we gain the most in producing the best Cane Corso possible for YOU! 

Our dogs are raised on partly raw diet in conjunction with a high quality kibble that helps in keeping a rich coat protection, lean muscle mass and great bone structure. We ask that you take the time to read up on this breed and familiarize yourself about Cane Corso's before deciding to become dog owner. These dogs are very well behaved when trained properly and a little education obtained on your end will make having this breed PRICELESS. We look forward to hearing from you and one day helping to get you your very own CAROLINA's ELITE CANE CORSO.


Carolina's Elite Nemesis Di K-9 Corso 2011 SACCI Nationals Working Female Winner

Thanks Antonio Elam (  for the development of one of Carolina's Elites very own!  






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